Review of year 2019

2019 was a extremely busy year for me, with a lot of challenges at professional and personal level . Anyhow this blog post is just to speak about the tasks that I’ve performed at community level not professional or personal, for this two potentially I will write something later on.

So this year I’ve focused to bring more people to the community that I’m leading Porto.DATA. So in 2018 we have moved to meetup, and on that move we lost a lot of our subscribers\followers, so my focus was to spread the word about our community, bring new content/presenters and as a consequence bring more people to the usergroup. I’ve started the year with 250 subscribers and in the end of the year we achieved almost the double of that value. From my standpoint this success was based upon the quality of the talks that we have made/organized during the last year, and this year we will continue that same line of thinking. So let’s do a quick summary of all activities that I’ve done during 2019:

  • Organized 10 meetups
  • Organized the SQL Saturday Porto and helped a little the team of SQL Saturday Lisbon.
  • Presented in SQLPort, Porto.DATA usergroups.
  • Presented in SQLSaturday Porto, and SQLSaturday Lisbon
  • Wrote 3 Blog posts.

So what you can expect from me in 2020, definitely I will continue to find and bring good presenters and new content to Porto.DATA, also submit and try to do more sessions outside Portugal, this year was very hard on this field, most of my journeys outside of Portugal were related with work, last target will be to write more on this blog, I know I’ve told you this before but believe me this year it will be for real.

To finish this post I’ve to say thanks to a couple of people that helped me in the previous year. A Massive thank you to all the guys that have spend their free time to help me during the previous year, mainly Diamantino Falcão, João Sarmento and Niko Neugebauer. Also a big thank you to all the folks who volunteered to present in Porto.DATA usergroup Sandro Pereira, Niko Neugebauer, Pedro Reis, João Ferreira, Pedro Sousa, Hélio Martins and Nuno Silva, Sandro Pereira etc…

To finish, I wish you all an amazing 2020!