Review, what I’ve done in 2017

This is my first time that I do a small review of my SQL Server related activities, to be honest last year (2017)it was a very, very, very busy year for me, probably you are asking why? In the end of this blog post you will understand.

So in the beginning of the year most precisely in February I switched to a new company (Natixis). Switching company involves to learn from scratch all the process, workflows, business, people, culture etc…  Also for my first time I have done a SQL Saturday presentation in UK most precisely in Cambridge, awesome event in a awesome city, organized by awesome people, besides that I’ve done the following activities:

  • Speaking in events/conferences
    • Speaking about SQL On Linux on the Porto.Data Community.
    • Speaking in SQL Saturday#583 Lisbon, again about SQL on Linux.
    • Speaking in Tuga IT 2017 – Adaptive query processing in SQL 2017.
    • Speaking about SQL Server for developers in Porto.Data.
    • Speaking in SQL Saturday#632 Cambridge.
    • Speaking in SQL Saturday #685 Porto.
    • SQL Server 2017 Launch event in Lisbon in 30 of September and in 7 of October in Porto.
  • Organizing events/conferences
    • 12 events Porto.Data organized during the year.
    •  SQL Saturday #685 Porto, the biggest one…250 attendees in the conference
  • Blogging
    • Two blog posts.

The majority of my sessions where about the brand new SQL Server engine for Linux and also about security in SQL Server…

I’ve to tell you, all of this was possible because I’ve a incredible family and a very good group of friends that help’s me a lot, they are Eduardo Piairo, Diamantino Falcão, João Sarmento, Pedro Martins, and of course my good friend Niko Neugebauer without their help and without the support of the company that I work for, it would be impossible to me to be present in so many activities. Like you imagine being father of three kids two of them are newborns (twins) and do all of this community activities is not a easy task. Now I bet you have understood why I was saying this was a very busy year for me, but honestly I’ love what I do.