SQL Server 2022 (Cloud-OnPrem brotherhood)

Ignite and Pass Data Summit was two months ago, on these two conferences Microsoft has announced lot of new features to all SQL Family (Cloud and OnPrem).

SQL Server 2022 is almost knocking our doors, and honestly I’m very excited with this upcoming version. I’ve heard a lot of comments in the web saying this was the version of the product most cloud oriented, and from my standpoint this comments makes sense. Microsoft has being improving SQL Server year after year and this upcoming version SQL Server 2022 won’t disappoint in that sense, a lot o improvements and some great new features.

Failover from on-prem to SQL Managed Instance

From my standpoint this is one of the most exciting feature in this version, in summary a couple of clicks in the SQL Server management Studio and the result will be a a Distributed availability group from one on-prem Sql Instance to SQL Server managed Instance, my opinion this brings to the table the best and simple solution to migrate on-prem existing databases to the cloud and also a extraordinary solution to DR scenarios let’s say with this feature Microsoft “kills two rabbits with one single shoot”

Screenshoot SSMS with Link feature


SQL Server 2022 will bring also some new features to help Dba’s to improve performance, features like DOP feedback, we will be able to control parallelism through query store, speaking on it, query store now will be turned on by default, and last but not less importante now we will be able to tune also queries using query store in the read-replicas from one always on availability group.

Storage engine

A couple of more features around Json manipulation, also some improvements in String split method, Temdb System page latch concurrency enhancements, improvements in Shrink database and also compression in XML. Another great thing is the improvements that are coming to Multi-write replication in a couple of words they have enhanced conflict detection for inserts and updates with last Writer wins.


Some new features coming to Managed Instance like AD Authentication SQL Ledger tables, data masking, lots of integration with Azure Pureview etc.


Also important to mention is the Azure Synapse Link feature that will help to load data seamless from on-premisses to Synapse in near real-time fashion.

In summary that’s all, hope you had enjoyed my post.